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Created 2017-08-29
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Title The Crawfish BoxesDraft to NBA Live Mobile Coins
Description David Coleman, The Crawfish BoxesDraft-watchers: Insane?"I am probably the NBA Live Mobile Coins worst person to answer this question. I find all drafts to be mind-numbingly awful. Some people have told me the NFL draft is riveting TV. I question their sanity. But the reason turning a draft into entertainment works for the NFL and NBA is that viewers are already familiar with many of the players being drafted due to the popularity of those college athletics.

It's just never going to be that way for baseball.That said, two suggestions to make the MLB draft better are to allow teams to make trades and to require all international free agents be drafted rather than having a large chunk of the world's talent pool left out of the draft entirely. Although I still don't think it would ever be must-see TV for me, at least you increase the drama a little bit by introducing the possibility of trades. (Let's face it, tough.

MLB teams probably aren't NBA 2K18 MT Coins going to use that option often.) As for bringing all players into the draft, it just feels a bit silly to say a small portion of the baseball-playing world have no choice in what team they play for, while others are considered free agents right from the start. I just do not like that one bit. But let's face it, that really doesn't change watchability either.The MLB draft is doomed." --

Kurt Mensching, Bless You BoysAnother Vote for Trades"You know, the draft already has been made somewhat more compelling over the last decade; there is much more coverage of amateur baseball, mock drafts, and it's now a prime time show on MLB Network, though I admit it could use a less snooze-inducing host than Bud Selig. (Hey, how about Bob Costas announcing the picks?)Here's what would generate interest: allow teams to trade picks.

We have a taste of that now; the new competitive-balance picks can be swapped, but that's just a few selections and many don't even yet know about them.Let all picks be traded. Can you imagine the talk in 2009 or 2010 if the Nats could have traded the rights to Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper? They probably wouldn't have, but just the idea of that would have filled discussion for weeks, if not months. Get it done, Bud Selig and Michael Weiner.
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