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Title Malone averaged 15 and MMOgo
Description In 1992, Malone averaged 15 and 10 for Milwaukee Bucks in what was his last productive season. He retired a few years later and I figured he'd play forever. His death at age 60 is an incongruous tragedy for a player whose game never aged and never wore him down.John Calipari invites all his former players on stage during Hall of Fame enshrinement speech -

Going into Friday night's Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony, you were probably expecting to see three things out of John Calipari: Lots of celebrating, working the crowd and recruiting. And believe us, he delivered on all three.As you'd expect, big name players to

Dave Simmons knew he wanted to continue playing professional basketball, he just needed to find a league that would work for him. The Bronx native was ready for a new challenge after playing a couple seasons in Central and South America following his time at Oklahoma City College.

That's when he decided to move to Australia and begin a career that would span more than a decade.It was there that Simmons met David Patrick. The two formed a lifelong friendship, with Simmons naming Patrick the godfather of his youngest of seven children. If you're wondering how a tried and true football school landed the top basketball recruit in the world, you can start right here.Patrick got into coaching and wound up at LSU after stints at For more news,please visit the website
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