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Created 2017-02-18
Owner AimeeSmith
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Title PK Belt are located on the very front of automotivedrivingbelt
Description Timing Belt Advantages:

Quiet operation - no mechanical linkages that V Belt China are constantly bending and no metal to metal contact

Lightweight - less inertial forces means more overall engine power and responsiveness

Lower timing belt replacement costs - valve cover removal is not necessary and the pulleys are easier to access

Timing Belt Disadvantages:

Longevity/Reliability - they only last up to 100,000 miles because rubber wears faster than steel. The belts are also more susceptible to breakage which may lead to extremely expensive engine repairs.

How to Check Belts:

1. Turn off your engine.

2. Open the hood of your car.

3. Find the belts, they PK Belt are located on the very front of your engine. If you have a rear wheel drive car, the front of your engine is usually adjacent to the front bumper and the radiator. Otherwise if it's a front wheel drive car then the front of of the engine is often adjacent to the fender.
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